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To Begin Again

typewriter I started writing the Intentional 50 blog to write my way into my fifth decade: Turning 50 With Purpose. This blog helped me to build  a a community to explore what it means to enter the Decade of Mastery.

I laid down this blog three years ago, just after  my 50th birthday. I thought it had completed its service.

I’ve spent much of the last three years  more dedicated to writing. And I’ve spent the last  six months dithering about starting a new blog. I worried about  what to call it, and what it’s theme should be, and who I thought would be its readers, and how often I should schedule posts. At some point, I understood that planning had gotten in the way of doing.  I need to just write the thing. Whenever I had something to write, however it needed to be said, to be read by whomever found it useful.

And so, for now, Intentional 50 is back. Like me, it has a renewed identity, one with greater scope and depth.  Like me,  it did not get a cosmetic facelift  (although all options are still on the table for  [hair] color.). This is my little space to share what I am thinking about, creating,  moving and being moved by in the world, and sharing them in conversation with you .

I’m still writing from the perspective of the Fifth Decade, but exploring more ideas, and offering  them with greater confidence. Perhaps I will worry about a “new look” or a new “brand” or a new something else – but later. For now, this is a space for rough drafts,  for trying out new ideas  to see how they work. (One lovely thing about the Fifth Decade is knowing myself so well that  I am open to influence, and no longer afraid to be wrong in public.)

I invite you to follow me regularly, peek in once in awhile, or share something you liked here with  a friend. Let me know what you think, especially when you disagree. The difference between writing alone and blogging is that the latter is an invitation for good company.

It’s good to be back.


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