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Go Big. Be You.

The note above my desk says :

Go Big. Be You.

Step It Up.

Being Small:  Game Over.

It’s a birthday card to myself.  It helps me to remember where I am on this journey of self-knowing.

It’s there to remind me that I promised to answer The Birthday Question in public this year.  I turned 49 almost a month ago, and I promised on my birthday that I would tell you the most significant thing I’ve learned in the past year.

And then, I suddenly stopped blogging.  Funny, that.

You see, the most important thing I learned this past year is that it is time for me to renounce timidity in my life. Forty-nine is my last chance to let go of a lifelong habit of living small. I have lived a Pretty Good Life, but not nearly as bold a strong a life as there is in me. This is the year that I am called to let go of smallness of my own making; it is time to choose a big, fat, juicy life. While I still can.

There’s something about this that I find terrifying.

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